It is pitch black. You're tired, and the familiar rattles and creaks of worn cartwheels pulls you further into sleep.

The veil is yet to be lifted.

character concept 1

Viridian Veil is an upcoming adventure game from a Finnish game studio, Otsoi.

In the game, you are stuck in a forest that doesn't let you go.
That you can't let go of.
Well, then. Explore the forest. Go and speak to it. Remember to listen.

character concept 2

The forest falls silent. Just a moment ago, the birds were singing their melancholy tunes, but now they are gone along with the rustling of the wind in the high above canopy.

It is as if something, or maybe everything, was turned upside down amongst the tall trees and ancient stones. You can sense it: the forest is not satisfied with you. Reflection, or refraction? The path leads nowhere and then disappears. Nothing seems familiar, even though you've been here many times before.

And then the dizzying silence takes over, and you notice you haven't been able to walk anywhere for the past... how long? Has it been minutes, or hours? Days? ...have you ever even left the spot?

The forest pulls itself over you like a shadow.